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About us

Structuring the Unstructured - Connecting Data to Actionable Insights

With over two decades of experience in Information Science, Molecular Connections has been using AI-powered proprietary models to help customers achieve digital transformation.

Molecular Connections is a leading technology-driven content operations organisation that provides solutions curated by subject-matter experts and technology leaders. We have been able to successfully build data-driven decision-making strategies for our customer’s digital transformational journey.

 MC leverages AI/ML and linked data store to build efficiencies in varied verticals and also generate new revenue streams for its customers. MC’s location-independent agile delivery model, so far has helped several customers streamline their business process, lower costs, and increase productivity.

MC’s solutions have been empowering life science innovation, accelerating content discoverability, conceiving new products, and enabling rapid prototyping with 100% success rate & ~98% repeat business. 

Business Ethos

Our commitment to our CUSTOMERS is to simplify business processes and accelerate research with data & technology driven solutions.

Core Values

Our purpose is driven by our values of customer focus, excellence, ethics, quality, and accountability. At Molecular Connections, we take pride in our core values that have shaped the very foundation of the organization and how we act and arrive at critical decisions.


Molecular Connections (MC) began in 2002, when the human genome was sequenced in 2000, bringing in a promise of personalized medicine through biological and chemical informatics. The National University of Singapore (NUS) had promising text mining technologies and so MC’s founder Mr. Jignesh Bhate bought them in exchange for shares and brought together a team of experts, thus beginning the journey of MC.


MCLABS is the powerhouse of innovation at Molecular Connections that focuses on leveraging new and emerging technologies for improving ways in which knowledge is consumed and disseminated.

The lab was incubated in 2012 solely to invest in futuristic technologies, accelerate our services and solutions. It is a platform to ideate, experiment, collaborate and prototype to understand new avenues of possibilities.

It has helped us stay ahead of the technological curve at every stage. Under MCLABS, we launched several products, build prototypes — from ideation to MVP and commercially validating products with a designated user base. The lab has a myriad of cross-functional skillsets, such as software developers, ML experts, data scientists, domain experts and many more, who proactively bring forth new product/service ideas periodically.


Our rich knowledge base, technology know-how and literature curation expertise has led us to make strategic investments in different domains. Over the years we established two companies, namely, Molecular Connections Research Pvt. Ltd. (MCRPL) and Molecular Connections Analytics Pvt. Ltd. (MCAPL).


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