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We strive to be a value adding partner to the communities, environment, special needs groups, and the society

Our latest CSR initiatives

To support the not so privileged and local schools in the vicinity

With the new academic term commencing shortly, we are collecting stationery items for the students of the school, who are visually impaired and require specialized tools to aid in their learning. 

See beyond the limits of sight

Team Molecular Connections had the opportunity to spend a day with a group of visually impaired and needy individuals. It was a truly rewarding, inspiring and an eye-opening experience for the whole of Molecular Connections Family.

Health is Wealth

Red Gold – Blood donation camps: 
We organize periodic camps to enable employees who are capable and interested to donate blood so that same can be used by the needy individuals. We route this initiative through responsible charitable blood donations organizations to ensure health, hygiene and appropriate non-commercial end use.

Employee Welfare: 
We have health insurance to cover 100% of our employees along with the immediate dependents. We also run health camps, annual health-check-ups and need based vaccination programs for our employees.

Community - Joy of Giving: Helping Underprivileged

In-kind donation drives: 
Periodically (annually or on occasions like festivals or company events) we collect food items, clothes, toys, books and stationery items for donating to local charity organizations, including to Anatha Shishu Nivasa (an orphan children’s charity in our neighborhood in Bangalore).
We also bridge digital divide by donating company’s used computers to local needy schools.

Run to Support: 
We actively support employee participation in local marathons like TCS World 10k and company donates money to an NGO associated with the charity.

Community - Joy of Giving: Helping Underprivileged

Reusable cups for coffee/tea: 
We consciously avoid using paper/styrofoam cups for coffee/tea, instead serve the same in reusable cups. Saves 400,000+ paper cups per year.

Dual monitors and think before you print: 
A one time investment in dual monitors and the active ‘think before you print’ policy saves significant amount of paper usage.

Solar power generation and minimizing electricity usage: 
Some of facilities generate solar power and reduce dependence on fossil fuel based grid power. In addition, our employees are conscious to switch off lights, air conditioners, monitors and other appliances when not in use.

Commute by bicycle or walk or public transport: 
Our delivery facilities are well located in a way easily reachable by walk or cycle or by public transport for a number of our employees. We actively encourage these modes of transport which are also economical and safer vs. private vehicles.

Liquid Gold – Responsible water usage: Both at work and at home, we encourage our employees to use this precious resource in a responsible manner. We contribute by using water re-cycling as well as minimizing usage. One small example: we have granite or other hard flooring which needs smaller quantities of water to clean rather than carpets


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