Molecular Connections today announced that it would be carrying out scientific literature mining for Connexios to assist the latter in its high throughput experiment validation and target discovery purposes.

As a part of the agreement, the existing literature mining team at Connexios would be taken over by Molecular Connections. Molecular Connections would use its proprietary workflows, technologies and long standing experience in manual curation of biomedical literature to create customized pathway information for Connexios.

This would also allow Connexios to focus on its vision of being a discovery led life-sciences company. Connexios also possesses a state-of-the art wet lab with cell-based assay design and high throughput target identification facility, and a knowledge-driven systems biology platform which would not be a part of the deal.

Jignesh Bhate, CEO of Molecular Connections said, “Molecular Connections has come out as a clear leader in the field of high quality curation for protein interactions and pathway biology. The collaborations with Connexios is sure to open new frontiers in establishing technology partnerships across both the companies.

Dr. Venkatachalam Suri, CEO of Connexios commenting on the deal mentioned “We evaluated many literature curation vendors and found Molecular Connections a quality conscious company with a strong technology platform, a proven track record and high ethics”. It is a win-win situation for both companies.