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New version of NetPro™ with enhanced Kinetics data and new modules on Gene Knockouts and Mutations

Bangalore, India

Molecular Connections today announced enhancement of NetPro™, the completely hand-curated knowledgebase of protein and small molecule interactions with more data on interaction kinetics, Mutations and Knockouts modules.

The current version of NetPro™, Molecular Connections’ proprietary protein interaction knowledgebase covers more than 150,000+ manually curated and annotated protein & small molecule interactions from published biomedical literature. The company has added kinetic information, which includes data on time, concentration, association/dissociation constants (Ka/Kd), inhibitory constant (IC50), Km, ED50 of an interaction.

The Knockout and Mutations module will provide basis for the elucidation of Loss of functional changes in genes also their effect on the signaling pathways under disease conditions.

All the above-mentioned database modules have been generated out of 100% manual curation. The Mutation and the Knockout database modules will be provided as optional modules to existing as well as new customers, whereas kinetics data would be integrated as part of the original database and would be available FREE to all existing and new customers of NetPro™.

Mr. Jignesh Bhate CEO, Molecular Connections stated, “NetPro™, is increasingly becoming a popular database for high throughput genomic data analysis and drug discovery. The addition of kinetics information and the new mutations and knockout modules is a tremendous value addition in terms of its ability to cater as a complete in-silico workbench for target discovery”.



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VP, Business Development & Marketing

Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd.
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