XTractor Premium Crosses 1 Million Relationships

XTractorTM Premium, a biomedical search engine has surpassed 1 million relationships, “Expert annotated facts from PubMed.

Molecular connections, an Indian Life Sciences Informatics Company, today announced that its online scientific research platform, XTractorTM Premium, a biomedical search engine based on entities such as proteins, diseases, drugs and processes has surpassed 1 million relationships, “Expert annotated facts from PubMed.”
Researchers chose XTractorTM Premium Onsite as an integrated system to support their literature mining and analysis efforts in research and drug discovery activities. The product was selected because of the flexibility & ease of integration that it offers to integrate their in-house centralized data with annotated & refined published data. It is software of choice used by pharmaceutical companies for accurate manually annotated high quality content.

XTractorTM Premium utilizes a new generation semantic approach to extract functional relationships between biological entities such as proteins, processes drugs and diseases from PubMed abstracts. It recognizes different types of target molecules, data mechanisms and target genes involved, and can be customized to extract other types of information with the help of concept linking technology.

XTractorTM Premium’s semantic technology uses manually annotated accurate knowledgebase, a systematic hierarchy of concepts and their relationships to one another and gives more accurate and very specific results for a search.

Building hierarchical classification systems with 24 different categories have been at the core of XTractorTM Premium’s technology.

The Knowledgebase is updated as often as daily with new information from PubMed and is used worldwide as a comprehensive solution for biomedical searching and analysis.

About Molecular connections

Molecular Connections is the largest STM Indexing, Abstracting and Publishing Technology development Company from India. Our 360º solutions deliver significant benefits in the areas that researchers value most with Publishers. Over the past 18 years, Molecular Connections has been helping top publishers in enhancing the value of their information and build newer products. Our core business spans across literature, informatics, scientific text mining, analytical interfaces, AI/ML driven database and technology development. Our on-site/offshore outsourcing model includes applications management & development, integration, and re-engineering; infrastructure management; business process outsourcing; and a wide range of related services such as enterprise consulting, technology architecture, program management, and change management.

About XTractor Premium

The Knowledgebase: XTractor knowledgebase currently contains 851,535 relationships on biomarkers, clinical trials, pathways, knockout studies, mutations, drug interactions, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, disease mechanisms. It is the Only Knowledgebase that gets updated everyday with manually annotated relationships from the latest PubMed publications and contains more than 1,348 Unique Drugs, 3,850 Unique Diseases, 12,198 Unique Proteins, and 3,775 Unique Biological Processes. Hence in no time one gets to access one of the largest and the most current manually annotated datasets across the world.



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