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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Say?

“Technically I consider Molecular Connections to be very capable with little exception, and I cannot recall a single instance when a milestone was delayed on account of Molecular Connections. The quality of the deliverables has always met expectations, and quite often exceeding them. The current project is running well”
Senior VP & Head
Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical Company, Germany
“The efforts your team has put in has significantly helped us in building and enriching a unique knowledge base which has been the foundation of all our drug discovery programs.In addition, your extremely efficient project management practices combined with prompt delivery and the enormous commitment shown by your team has made our relationship with Molecular Connections so worthwhile”
Systems Biology Company, Bangalore, India
“NetPro™ meets the demands of our customers for dependable information on protein interactions that play a significant role in the structural and functional organization of the cell”
Biological Database Company
“Thank you so much—this is great work and very helpful to our assessment process. We certainly look forward to working with you again on future opportunities”
Top Global Innovation Company
“We are a company who has a strong focus on quality since over a decade. For this reason we are extremely careful to incorporate external data and have scrutinized the data quality of NetPro intensively before deciding to incorporate it into our database. NetPro passed the test very well and we are happy with the maintenance and updates NetPro receives regularly. We look forward to continue a successful relationship with Molecular Connections.”
Next Generation Sequencing Company, Muenchen, Germany
“We have established a very productive relationship with Molecular Connections and have been satisfied with their literature curation services which are of high quality and yet cost-effective. More importantly, Molecular Connections has both the scientific strengths and the capability to scale-up”
Senior VP & Head
Bioinformatics, Proteomics Company Canada

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