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Unwavering Strength: A story of Motherhood and Perseverance at Molecular Connections

Kanmani’s inspiring tale is known to all at Molecular Connections, where her positive attitude and hard work have made her an important part of the team. She has fought fiercely to secure a better future for her daughter, despite coming from a humble background.

Kanmani worked hard to support her family and made every effort to help her daughter succeed in her studies. Her daughter eventually graduated with a Master’s in Science, secured a job at Molecular Connections and got married into a good family!

Though her daughter was asked to leave her job when she got married, Kanmani encouraged her to continue working and be self-sufficient. She is proud to work alongside her daughter at Molecular Connections and believes that the independence and self-reliance that comes with a career is far more important than wealth.

Even with her daughter’s pregnancy, Kanmani has insisted that her daughter continues working, and promised to take care of her grandchild. Her strength and unwavering commitment to her family and work serve as an inspiration to all, and her presence at Molecular Connections is valued and appreciated.

Kanmani takes immense pride in working alongside her daughter at Molecular Connections, where she is fondly referred to as “Amma” by all employees, as she is like a mother-figure to all. This title holds a deep meaning for her, as she feels responsible for every member of the organization and takes care of them like her own family.

Kanmani’s caring and nurturing nature are evident in the way she interacts with her colleagues. She goes out of her way to help them. She takes great pride in making sure that everyone feels welcomed and appreciated at the workplace.

To Kanmani, Molecular Connections is not just a company, but a family. And like any mother, she wants the best for her family.



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